Mercury in Sagittarius

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Mercury transiting through Sagittarius. You can click on the links to read the whole articles. says

“Mercury, the Info Guy, has very mixed feelings about being in Sagittarius. Expansive Sagittarius can be overwhelming to detail-oriented Mercury, because small things can get blown out of proportion here, and tales become taller than usual. Yet Mercury’s time in this sign can end up being a blessing too, as open-minded and adventurous Sagittarius helps us broaden our thoughts. Because Sagittarius is such a visionary, our minds end up wandering far and wide during this transit.”

Your Tango says

“Just as Mercury moves into Sagittarius, helping us put together the pieces and remember what matters most, we see Venus move into Libra, the peacemaking, relationship-orientated sign where everyone is encouraged to work things out together. Coupling together with the rebirth of Venus on the 26th, it may feel like many of us just turned a very important corner in not just our romantic lives but also within our personal selves in how we even approach others intimately.”

Elite Daily says

“In astrology, Mercury governs your cognitive functions, your ability to communicate, and the logic you use to process information. Every thought and feeling that you have is flushed through Mercury’s lens, where this planet then seeks to make sense of everything you experience. Unfortunately for Mercury, this planet doesn’t feel so comfortable when it’s in the expansive, reckless, and visionary sign of Sagittarius. Mercury rules over Gemini, which is the opposite sign of Sagittarius in the zodiac wheel, automatically making Mercury in Sagittarius a transit that is in detriment *cue the dramatic music*.”

Daily Horoscope says

“Expansive Sagittarius can be overwhelming to detail-oriented Mercury. It’s much more about reasons and ideas than actual words, and verbal communication may lash out in the form of outspoken beliefs, talking before thinking and being a little too honest. Small things are easily blown out of proportion. Facts are out of whack. Tall tales abound. Yet, this is also when the lens of perception is widened and the mind opens.”

Ruby Slipper says

“Initially, this may feel like a huge leap as Mercury’s compression in Scorpio suddenly gives way to rapid expansion. You may be flooded with ideas, stories and big pronouncements. But Mercury will station Rx in Sagittarius on November 16th, and you’ll be questioning the story. Or, there may be delays and reviews of the big promise. As noted in this post, Mercury Rx will dip back into Scorpio, telling us that the review of something new and expansive will trigger an additional look at what lies beneath the story. Sagittarius is associated with truth, but there’s a sense here that what you first learn may not be the whole truth.”

Astro Yoga Love says

“Mercury in Sagittarius is blunt and honest – all I can say is hot DAMN he does not hold back. Bombs shall be dropped, some friendships may end, but t’is all in the name of Truth. Sagittarius worships Truth for one important reason: he thrives on change and movement. What better way to invite change than communicating high on a veracity supertonic? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, administrator of altruistic justice. The centaur is kind of like Libra, but more fiery and zesty. A funny thing about Truth is, although it may be requested, it is not always warmly received. Sagittarius teaches us to barrel through and say it anyway.”

Conscious Reminder says

“Think before you speak, and check your words as you speak. There may be a chance that details will slip off your tongue which you don’t want to reveal. Mercury can also make you exaggerate your claims a bit and this unnecessary boasting might land you into trouble. But on the plus side, these may be consequences of the optimism that Mercury in Sagittarius brings in your life –bringing in a detailed and practical look into the way you are right now. So, accept it gladly.”

I used the Funko Pop Anime: Sailor Mercury figurine to represent Mercury and the Funko Pop Wonder Woman figurine to represent Sagittarius.

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