Uranus Retrogrades back into Aries

Uranus Retrograding is like Rose and the 10th Doctor taking their very last journey together. I had to place them on my new Halloween themed Michaels purchase of a foam sunken pirate ship. Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Uranus retrograding back through Aries. You can click on the links to read the whole articles.

Your Tango says

There’s a place where you can see how far you’ve come and how far you’ve need to go. As Uranus goes backwards, re-entering Aries, it comes with a lesson. It comes to our attention at the 0’0 mark. It stands on the line between Taurus and Aries to communicate loud and clear, “Pay attention to the past and make sure you don’t repeat it.”

Refinery29 says

For such a distant planet, Uranus sure has given us earthlings plenty to talk about this year. Back in May, the planet of revolution and change moved into Taurus after spending about seven years in the previous sign on the Wheel of the Zodiac, Aries. As astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst told Refinery29 at the time, this shift kicked off a period of gradual change in the spheres of life that Taurus rules. Namely, Dewhirst predicted that the next eight years would see an uptick in innovative payment solutions, progressive ideas around agriculture and food, and even radical developments in beauty and fashion.

Tarot.com says

Basically, Uranus Retrograde wants us to get real. It’s time to face our fears and change the things that aren’t working so we can become who we really want to be. This is true on both a personal and global scale. If you’re in a bad relationship, stuck in a job you don’t like, living in a place that doesn’t feel right, or spending time with the wrong people, Uranus will alert you to this in coming months. The realization may dawn on you slowly, and it may involve an uncomfortable period of anxiety — but when you do have those epiphanies, pay attention. Make the needed changes!

DrStandly says

During this Retrograde (Rx) period you will no doubt hear a lot of fear. Just sail right over those words and think about what was going on between March 28, 2017 and April 13, 2017 that was coming from the outside world that was affecting you inside. Something externally was affecting you internally. That’s how outer planets work. That’s how we end up with our fist in the air and rebel as a group, instead of as an individual. While Uranus may be a planet of individual expression, it sure does like to gather in groups. I guess because it naturally rules Aquarius, the sign of the groupie! Are you a groupie or can you really think on your own? How original, creative, free and inventive are you? While Uranus in Aries is certainly the transit of the ‘rebel rouser’ and the ‘agent of change’, do your best to look at your external environment and see how this has affected you internally. What is going on outside of yourself that is affecting your ‘self’. Once you are in touch with your internal environment, this is where you get to be the ‘change agent’ of yourself.

Astrology King says

Retrograde motion does affect Uranus. It seems to make it harder to restrain the erratic and impulsive urges of Uranus. This could show as abruptness, aloofness or an agitating nature. Retrograde motion can also internalize the disruptive, electric energy of Uranus, This could lead to nervous anxiety, spasms, neurotic behavior or rapid personality changes


I used the Pop Funko Anime: Sailor Uranus figurine to represent Uranus and the Pop Funko 10th Doctor figurine to represent Aries.

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