Venus in Libra

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Venus transiting through Libra. You can click on the links to read the whole articles.


Elle says

“Another day, another retrograde? It may seem like every time you check Insta, someone’s posting another meme about this interstellar disruption. And yep, it’s happening again. This time it’s Venus, the planet of beauty, love and harmony that’s shifting into reverse. From October 5 to 31, she’ll back up through scintillating Scorpio. Then, beginning mid-day on Halloween, she will retreat through Libra until correcting course on November 16. Fortifying partnerships will be a major theme: Venus is the planet of love and both Libra and Scorpio are the zodiac signs associated with relationships. While the current could get insane on the Sea of Love, couples who stay afloat could come through stronger than ever. (Same goes for creative or business partners, since Venus rules the arts and the way we spend our money.)”

Your Tango says

“On October 31st, Venus, still in her retrograde phase, moves into the partnership sign of Libra, and suddenly the fires of rage quiet into the kind of peace we’ve been searching for all along…In astrology, Venus began her retrograde period back in the beginning of this month in Scorpio, so while we’ve spent the past month uncovering secrets and truth, as Venus retrograde moves into Libra, we change tracks and start to figure out what to do now that we’ve learned all we have.”

Astro Butterfly says

“To be good at relationships, you need to have reason. After the Leo romance and the Virgo adjustment, for a relationship to succeed, you need to be able to be rational about it. This is the secret of successful relationships. Only after, the relationship can reach intimacy and depth in the sign of Scorpio.” said

“Love is, above all else, a two-way street during Venus in Libra. It’s a time when we’re reminded that the best relationships aren’t 50/50, they’re 100/100. Because Libra is so concerned with fairness and equality, imbalanced relationships will stick out like a sore thumb during this transit. Does one of you have stronger feelings than the other? Is one of you putting more work into the partnership than the other? If so, it’ll become very noticeable while Venus is in Libra. Thankfully, this transit also blesses us with the cooperation and grace to work together to make positive changes and start anew.”

Elite Daily says

“During this transit, the collective prefers to use their charms, and social empathy. Trust me when I say, arguing will not be necessary. Venus in Libra thrives in relationships, but even then, there’s still a sense of harmony in detachment. Libra is an air sign, so a healthy space is much needed during this time. There is also a desire to compromise, and seek balance. People will suddenly feel turned off by snarky comments, and aggressive behavior.”

Hello Giggles says

“Lack of balance in a relationship will also become more obvious during this transit. Libra prefers everything to be equal, especially in relationships, so if one partner isn’t carrying their weight, or one partner is catching more feels, it will be obvious now. Thankfully, Libras are excellent mediators, and thanks to Venus’ generous vibe, you and your partner will be able to work something out for the greater good.”

Ruby Slipper says

“This particular transit will feature part of Venus’ Rx (starting in Scorpio). In the aspects below, I’ll list Venus’ Rx aspects in Libra, but I’ll cover the Scorpio portion of the retrograde when she actually enters Scorpio. But for now, consider her Rx retreat from Scorpio back into Libra as a re-examination of what you want and what makes you happy in the context of your relationship to others. Venus Rx in Scorpio is the deep dive into raw authenticity, intimacy and inner values, and this will trigger a re-appraisal of the balance/imbalance (Libra) between you and others.”

I used the Funko Pop Anime: Sailor Venus figurine to represent Venus and the Funko Pop Rapunzel figurine to represent Libra.

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