Jupiter in Sagittarius

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Jupiter transiting through Sagittarius. You can click on the links to read the whole articles.

Astro Style says

Global connections ignite as abundant Jupiter returns to its home sign of worldly Sagittarius from November 8, 2018–December 2, 2019. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, so we’ll get a double dose of expansive and enterprising energy. Bring on the positive thinking and limitless possibilities! A spirit of adventure overtakes us now, and it’s such a refreshing change. Ready to take a bold leap of faith? There’s nothing Jupiter loves more than a gutsy risk, so strap on your multicolored parachute and jump!

Refinery 29 says

With Jupiter in this worldly sign, “people are keener to broaden their horizons and be more open to learning things and taking on a new perspective,” she says. Jupiter sticks around in a sign for about 13 months, meaning the next year could be filled with the pursuits that Sagittarius loves: communications across borders, an optimistic outlook for the world at large, and an enthusiastic, devil-may-care approach to tasks at hand.

Cafe Astrology says

As Jupiter moves through Sagittarius, we deepen our interest in philosophical, and perhaps religious, thought, and determine what it is that gives us joy–what truly is important in our lives in the long run. We trust in something higher than us, and this gives us a sense that we are doing the right thing and that we are spiritually protected–“things will work out” is the overall attitude now.

Tarot.com says

During Jupiter’s transit through Sagittarius, the journey is more important than the ultimate destination. It’s a great feeling to accomplish what we set out to do, but it’s the experience that teaches us. Even if we never actually reach our goal, we will learn invaluable lessons along the way. 

Elite Daily says

Sagittarius is known for its open-mindedness and fascination with everything the world has to offer. When Jupiter enters this tolerant and forgiving zodiac sign, a period of cultural exchange begins. It’s a time to bridge the gap that separates us all and learn from each other. Instead of looking at everyone with distrustful and fearful eyes, our perspective will shift to something far more positive. Our differences are what makes us beautiful and we all realize that we’re a lot more alike than we think.

Astro Butterfy says

Jupiter in Sagittarius is the light at the end of the tunnel. Sagittarius is the spark of hope that always comes after we have done the heavy inner work.


I used the Pop Funko Wonder Woman to represent Sagittarius and  the Pop Funko Sailor Jupiter to represent the planet Jupiter.

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