Mars in Pisces

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Mars transiting through Pisces. You can click on the links to read the whole articles. says

The complexity of this transit lies in the fact that while Mars is in Pisces, he’ll need to adjust his Martian ways to accommodate a style that Pisces is comfortable wearing. This is not an easy task when you realize that Pisces is all about faith, compassion, healing those who suffer, and unconditional love. So, how does Mars put up his dukes to fight when he’s wearing a pair of angel wings? In a word: gingerly.

While Mars moves through soft and ethereal Pisces, it doesn’t necessarily mean our drive will disappear into thin air. After all, Mars is still Mars. Although we may have more of an urge to dream and use our imagination during this transit, Mars in Pisces can move mountains in a subtle way when we realize we’ve been given a cosmic green light to direct our energy toward inspired (Pisces) action (Mars).

Cosmopolitan says

Sure, you have moments where watery Pisces douses the fiery motivation Mars aims to inspire, but when these two very different energies work together, a lot of great things happen. Your intuition and emotional competence expand with Pisces’ psychic nature being supercharged by Mars, and you’re more motivated by Piscean grace and kindness. Pisces lives in a fairytale world, and Mars’ energy helps you get in touch with your own dreams, chase them down, and make them a reality! The heightened sensitivity of this time opens the door to truly becoming emotionally entangled with your loved ones and getting to know others on a more intimate level.

Elite Daily says

In Pisces, the god of war isn’t so warrior-like or impulsive, on the contrary. During this transit, many of us could start to feel less motivated, or perhaps ambiguous when making decisions. Remember, Pisces is a mutable sign, and its energy is incredibly complex, and universal; therefore, the majority of us could suddenly feel like we’re being pulled from a thousand different directions, which ultimately makes the decision-making process that much more difficult.

Ruby Slipper says

Mars in Pisces is indirect action. It’s drifting rather than pushing. Allowing rather than initiating. You cannot force anything in Pisces, so Mars can be a bit uncomfortable here. But it’s also a nice way to end the year – things will happen as they’re meant to, and all you have to do is be open to that. Do what you can, and let the rest take care of itself. There may be a release as the tension of the past few months dissolves. Sometimes the most you can “do” is let go.

Empowering Astrology says

This is a Mars at its most spiritual and intuitive. It’s fought the battle through the previous eleven signs and now, humbled (or disillusioned), its at the end of the road. It searches for answers in the unknown, meditates, and fights in hidden realms. Mars in Pisces the spiritual warrior, but it also knows what battles are worth fighting for.

Your Tango says

This journey of the past few months has been about learning what we deserve versus what we accept, and within the mix also finding the best way in which to attain it. Mars in Pisces wants to help us get our priorities straight, to show us that we don’t always have to fight for what it is we want, and sometimes we just need to simply allow it.

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