Venus in Scorpio

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Venus transiting through Scorpio. You can click on the links to read the whole articles. says

Astrology considers Scorpio to be a tough placement for beautiful and sweet Venus. Scorpio isn’t concerned with superficiality, and prefers chasing after a transcendental kind of love. The Scorpion likes to get below the surface to examine issues of power, fear, sex, and desire. When Venus is in Scorpio, Venus trades in social niceties for digging deeply and sparking needed change.

Venus in Scorpio is a time when we’ll want to shine a light on the shadows of our relationships. Those nagging thoughts that we’ve been pushing aside to make peace? Well, they become impossible to ignore when Venus and Scorpio get together. It’s a time to go beneath the surface, find the truth, and hold it up to the light of day. We’ll try to figure out what we can do to make it work — or if it’s time to let go. This transit gives our relationships a major reality check, whether we want one or not!

Elite Daily says

In powerful Scorpio, the goddess of love expresses herself with deep passion and intensity. Venus in Scorpio is all-consuming, as it prefers love to be a merging of mind, body, and soul. Here, Venus adds charm to the dark side of our relationships, which isn’t always charming, per se. For instance, jealousy, obsession, and vengeance are key themes of Venus in Scorpio energy. Although, one thing’s for sure: this is a time to look beyond the surface in terms of our relationships. This Venus in Scorpio transit is asking us to dig deeper, in terms of our spending habits, relationships, and self-worth.

Refinery 29 says

It’s little wonder why this planet-sign combination is associated with heightened feelings of romance. Venus is, after all, the planet of love and beauty — and Scorpio is a sign that thrives in passionate, loyal partnerships. So, when these forces combine, we’re imbued with a renewed sense of romantic intrigue. It isn’t enough to just flirt with someone and then carry on with our everyday lives. With Venus in Scorpio, only the deepest, most instant connections, in which sparks fly at a momentary glance, will do.

Cosmopolitan says

Scorpio is also the sign of transformation, so connecting with your partner becomes a vastly in-depth affair, and your aim is to become as close as possible. The conversations you have will get you to both completely open up to each other. The feelings you have for others will be stronger than ever too, so watch out for Venus in Scorpio’s darker manifestations such as jealousy or possessiveness.

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