Mars in Aries

Please enjoy the collection of quotes about Mars transiting through Aries. You can click on the links to read the whole articles.

Cosmopolitan says

Mars, the planet of ego and action, is a pretty big deal in astrology. It’s known to make an impact wherever it goes, supercharging everything it touches and doing whatever it wants. For over a month, it’s been in watery Pisces, amplifying your emotions and compelling you to live life subjectively. Its rambunctiousness has mostly been contained to mood swings, but all of this internalized energy is fixing to erupt! On New Years Eve at 9:19 PM, Mars breaches out of the chilling waters of Pisces and enters fiery Aries! It’s been over a year since Mars has been in the sign it rules over, where it operates the strongest. 2019 is guaranteed to charge in guns a-blazin’ with this astrological event, which will hype up fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius the most.

Refinery 29 says says

We’ll want to blaze trails, push ourselves, and tone our bodies and minds. We’ll be more likely to do things we’ve never done before during this transit. Mars and Aries are both about trying, not about winning. Success comes from participation rather than the conquest.

Hello Giggles says

Mars rules our natural drive, propelling us to get things started. Since it’s also action-oriented, Mars activates us on multiple levels, primarily physically, and we tend to have more energy to not only initiate but also to follow through with anything and everything. This is a huge change from our current drive level, since Mars has been stationed in emotional and moody Pisces for over a month. So if you’ve been flaking on projects and ventures because you’ve been more caught up in your feels, then don’t worry: your passions are about to be reignited in a major way.

Your Tango says

During this time it almost feels as though nothing could possibly stand in your way, and you’re driven to do whatever it takes to get yourself where you want to be. Aries is known for taking action before really considering consequences, and this can certainly backfire!




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